SAT Study Plan

Before you start any kind of SAT test prep, you should make a plan. Decide what exactly you're going to study, how you're going to study it, and when and where you're gonna do it. The key to a successful SAT study plan is to be specific and to actually stick to the plan.

Make Your SAT Study Plan Specific

It's not enough to just tell yourself that you're going to study for the SAT whenever you have free time. Inevitably you'll procrastinate and won't get as much done as you could have with a better study plan. Write down where, when, what, and how you are going to study for a week. Work SAT prep into your routine and make it a priority.

Here's a sample study schedule:

Mon@3-4, Library Study vocab (20 min), 30 sent completions; go over incorrect answers
Tues@4-5, Cafe Two full math sections from Test 1 in 10 Real SATs; go over incorrect answers
Wed@4-5, Library Study vocab (20 min), 2 long passages; go over incorrect answers
Thur@4-5, Cafe Review geometry rules, 20 geometry problems
Sun@6-9, Home Take a timed practice test from 10 Real SATs

It might look like a lot with SAT prep five times a week, but on the weekdays it's only one hour a day. Instead of lounging around after school, study for the SAT. Carry some flash cards with you and study SAT vocabulary words while you're waiting for the bus. The benefit of a specific study plan is that you'll be able to use your time more wisely. Time is too valuable to waste.

Stick to the Plan

Once you have a plan, stick to it. For some it might be difficult at first, but once you work SAT prep into your routine, it'll feel natural to get an hour a day of SAT study time. Also, try to vary your study schedule from week to week so that you don't get bored.

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