Differences Between New SAT and Old SAT Tests

The new SAT test has several changes from the old SAT test, but it's not so different that you won't recognize the question types. The main differences between the new SAT and the old SAT are:

Verbal Section Changed to Critical Reading

The old SAT Verbal section was comprised of passage-based questions, sentence completion, and analogies. The new SAT Critical Reading section is comprised only of passage-based questions and sentence completion. No analogies! Another change is the passages on the new SAT are long (about same length as old SAT passages) and short (1 or 2 paragraphs long).

Writing Section Added

The new SAT Writing section has two parts -- the written essay and multiple choice. Improving sentences, identifying sentence errors, and improving paragraphs make up the new SAT Writing MC. If you've taken the PSAT, you'll be familiar with the Writing MC.

For the essay, you are presented with a prompt that you agree or disagree with. Your stance on the issue doesn't affect your score; your arguments and idea development do.

Math Section now also Tests Advanced Algebra

The type of Math questions you'll see on the new SAT are about the same as the old SAT, except you'll see more difficult Algebra problems on the new SAT's Math sections. Another change--Quantitative Comparison questions have been eliminated!

Length of New SAT

With these changes to the SAT test, the new SAT is a bit longer (due mostly to the addition to the Writing section). Expect to be at the test center for about 4 and a half hours.