SAT Study Guide

Follow these SAT test preparation study tips to improve your scores on the SAT Writing, Critical Reading, and Math sections.

Make an SAT Study Plan

Before you start SAT test prep, make a plan. Decide what exactly you're going to study, how you're going to study it, and when and where you're going to do it.

Improve SAT Writing

To score high on the SAT Writing section, planning and organization are key for the essay while your ears are your most valuable tools for identifying errors.

Improve SAT Critical Reading

Critical reading differs from the way you've read a text book in school or your favorite book in a cafe. You have to read actively.

Improve SAT Math

Approach Math preparation as if you were learning a new language. Practice, practice, and practice, but before you begin find out exactly what and how to practice.

SAT Test Strategies

SAT test format is always the same, and you can use this to your advantage. Follow these SAT test strategies to help raise your SAT score.

Improve SAT Vocabulary Skills

Improving SAT vocabulary skills is very important in improving your SAT Verbal score. The more words you learn, the higher your SAT score will be.

Test Day Tips

After you've finished SAT prep work and test day has arrived, make sure you're ready, mentally and physically, for a long SAT test.