GRE Study Guide

Follow these GRE study tips to help you with your GRE test prep and to help lead you to a high score on test day.

Make a GRE Study Plan

Studying for the GRE can be a lot of work. Set aside a little bit of time every day to study and work GRE preparation into your routine. Before you know it you'll be prepared for the exam.

Improve GRE Analytical Writing

If you want a high GRE Analytical Writing score, you need to know what GRE graders are looking for. Follow the GRE's rules. Don't worry. It's not as hard as it sounds.

Improve GRE Verbal

Analogies, antonyms, sentence completion, and reading comprehension comprise the GRE verbal section. Find out what you need to do to improve in every area.

Improve GRE Quantitative

Math is like learning a new language. You have to practice, practice, and practice some more; however, make sure you practice GRE math the right way.

Improve GRE Vocabulary

An arsenal of GRE vocabulary words will do wonders for your GRE verbal score. From sentence completion to reading comprehension, GRE vocabulary is everywhere in the GRE verbal section.

GRE Test Strategies

There are several types of questions within each GRE section. Follow these GRE strategies to answer the different GRE questions more efficiently and most importantly, correctly.