GRE Test Format

General GRE test format is the same for every student every time it is taken, which is exactly why GRE test format is worth knowing. If you know the general GRE format and recognize instructions quickly, you'll save valuable time on test day. Know the format like the back of your hand, and you'll be thankful.

Computer Adaptive Test (CAT)

The GRE is strictly a computer adaptive test except for in select regions. Be prepared to read questions and passages from a computer screen and to receive your score right after you finish the exam.

GRE Time Breakdown

There will be three scored sections--verbal, quantitative, and the newest section, analytical writing. You will always be given the same number of questions for each section.

GRE Analytical Writing Section Format

Analytical Writing is the first section of the GRE. You'll have to Analyze an Argument and present your Perspective on an Issue. Your final analytical writing score is the average of both essay scores.

GRE Verbal Section Format

Most will find the GRE verbal section familiar as it is very similar to the SAT verbal section. The difference: the GRE has antonyms and the vocabulary and RC passages are more difficult.

GRE Quantitative Section Format

This section tests arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis. Be prepared for math similar to that found on the SAT but a little harder.

Your GRE Score Format

The most important part of the GRE to you is your score. Verbal score is 200 to 800, quantitative score is 200 to 800, and analytical writing score is 1 to 6.